Get ready for the next teen hit: KALLY’S MASHUP

The series has already been secured for Super!, DeA Kids in Italy and Gulli-Lagardère in France.

B&R 360, agent of the TV distribution rights and for licensing & merchandising in Southern Europe, presents the new live-action property for tweens, Kally’s Mashup.

The series, made of 120 episodes of 44′, has as its central theme the music and could not be otherwise, since the creator of Kally’s music is a celebrity like Adam Anders, one of the most renowned and awarded music authors for this kind of music band.

He wrote the lyrics for Glee, Rock of Ages, Camp Rock, The Descendants and many others, award-winning of Grammy Awards, Golden Globes Awards and People’s Choice Awards, and sold over 100 million albums.

Inspired by his life, Anders joined forces with 360 Powwow and Nickelodeon Latino America and Kally’s Mashup was born with an original soundtrack in English.

The program debuted on Nickelodeon Latino America in October 2017 and, soon it has become the most popular tween that was seen in the history of the channel in that territory, earning the title of “Show with more nominations” of the Kid’s Choice Awards Mexico and Argentina , totaling 12 applications.

Kally’s Mashup follows the adventures of Kally, a 13-year-old girl, with an extraordinary grand piano music that will take her to move from a small town to the most prestigious music school in the country. Although everyone thinks she was born to be a classical pianist, Kally dreams of becoming a pop star. Her creative journey will lead her to combine her classic talents with the passion for pop and it will be the “mashup” between the two genres to represent her strength and the key to success.

On the TV side, the series already boasts important broadcasters: in Italy DeA Kids launched the series last June 4th and SUPER! confirmed the airing in February 2019. In France the debut has been on GULLI last 27 August and, later on Teen Nick; in Israel it will start to air in September on Teen Nick and Portugal on BIGGS on November 2018, in addition to the many negotiations in progress in other countries.

But the important partners of this franchise are not limited to TV: the musical rights are owned by Sony Music Entertainment, which is developing development and promotion programs both in Italy and in France.

The launch plan includes licensing agreements for publishing, toy, live-show (all already in advanced negotiation), food, clothing and accessories.

Kally’s Mashup: Make It Your Own.

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