The definitive to access to the asian licensing market

LM attended for the first time as Media Partner the last China Licensing Expo (CLE) – 15-18 October in Shanghai, China. It is an event held by the China Toy & Juvenile Products Association, in conjunction with the China Toy Expo.
The size of this event, made up of 18 pavilions, is extraordinary and just on the licensing front, the figures are incredible. We can certainly consider this event among those with the highest growth rate in the latest period for the license and brand industry. In fact, the last edition of the CLE recorded 4 dedicated pavilions, 40.000 sqm of exhibition space, 2.200 exhibitors and over 1.800 Chinese and international brands represented.
In addition to global brands which have an extraordinary success in the Asian territory, such as Minions, for which there is a dedicated live event calendar, or My Little Pony, which generates over 1 billion in sales in China alone, not to mention the phenomenon of Peppa Pig, there is a rich and varied presence of high-quality Chinese brands, linked to television series but also lifestyle icons for young and adults. The passion for CATS predominates overall, developed in every way and nuances, for the KAWAII characters and for the world of DUCKS, replicated as well in every way.

In general, the quality standard of the Chinese market is largely adequate compared to the western one and perhaps the time has come to no longer see China as a conquering territory for foreign properties, but also as a territory for the discovery of new and fresh contents to be developed and export globally.

Here there is following a photo report with the most salient shots of this rich event. LM will return to the China Licensing Expo, from 21 to 23 October 2020 in Shanghai and for the occasion will produce the magazine internally in Chinese! Stay tuned!