At last China Licensing Expo, held in Shanghai from 16th through 18th October, LM met the licensors exhibiting at the Taiwan Pavillion

It was a great occasion to discover something more on the cute and original brands coming from that region. Here there are some highlights on the IPs represented at the show:
BANANA MAN: Banana Man was born at World Tree. The property is at the centre of pop song videos especially for kids under nine to learn how to dance and much more!
AMISA: Brand Art creator Hoelex Hao Liesi is the creator since 10 years of “Alice MisA dream brand” a dual vision of Alice in the Wonderland
DREAM DODO ZOO: Kids can assemble a different kind of building blocks to create different animals with their imagination. These animals are kids’ good friends in their wonderland.
FRUIT CATS: Character Expert Co, Ltd was established in 2015 to create original characters to explain and spread the Taiwan culture, combining local traditions with a commercial brand.
PONCORGI: Clever, greedy and enthusiastic Pon Pon dogs with their adorable friends will energize everyone by their pure and healing smile!
LITTLE GENERAL “8”: The brand spirit is, “our culture says with our own voice”. It is a kind of oriental fantasy story but it contains deep cultural connotation.
MR. HH: IN2 Creation, founded in 2015, is a new team of brand brokers illustrators. Continuous exploration of potential graphic writers committed to Taiwan’s cultural innovation and promoted to cross-strait the Asian Chinese regions.
LU’S: Lu’s is a Facebook phenomenon since its debut in 2013, surpassing over 600.000 followers in just one year. The characters have a chubby body and the famous marker of fans is the pinky blush on all the characters’ face.
KURORO AND DUMA: two characters born from the creativity of Memes, a Taipei studio involved in any kind of design projects.
TAIWANIMAL: Taiwanimal takes the role of cute animals. The property wishes to awake the world to respond to environmental protection, love the earth and communicate more positive energy to the international community.
GACHA CHICKEN: This property is characterised by its manga artistic expression and gacha culture and life in an upbeat and cartoon way.
PEAQUIN AND BALLONMON: Hestia is a creative agency full of design energy and has more than ten IP series. PeaQuin and BalLoonMon are the most popular IP characters. PeaQuin was awarded iF Design Award in 2019. Both properties are used to produce mugs, bags and many other accessories.