What’s new from Toy Fair New York 2019: nostalgia, technology and social

LICENSING MAGAZINE was present at the Toy Fair in New York as a Media Partner.

The NYTF19 is definitely the reference appointment to know the future trends of the toy market, licensed or not.

LICENSING MAGAZINE has catched for you the latest trends from the industry:

Nostalgia effect. Those retro toys in the form and inspired by the characters that have characterized the childhood of the current parents. Although nostalgic, they are innovative toys like technology. These include the products that celebrate the 50th anniversary of the legendary Sesame Street or the new version of the timeless Mr. Potato, not to forget the Arcade Games.

Inspirational and Aspirational Toys. Toys that help learning, creativity, imagination and discovery. Above all, toys that stimulate curiosity towards jobs and professions. These include a fantastic globe that “animates” with the use of a dedicated app. Moreover STEM toys are continously increasing. Another new feature is the SNAPSTAR dolls, the first social influencer dolls ever conceived. Dolls with which to become a blogger and social influencer with a true instagram profile and photo set. An absolute novelty that revolutionalize the world of dolls and makes them social.

Toys inspired by UNBOXING remain strong, one of the favorite activities ever by the very young of today, together with COMPOUNDS and products inspired by the world of FOOD.

Last but not least, ENTERTAINMENT LICENSING is still important, although also in the US licensed toys are going through a phase of contraction and changes.

Below the photo gallery with the main news found at the trade show for our readers.

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